Why should you consider Portugal next Summer?

Popping the big question is important. Where are you going to spend your next summer vacation trip?

Should you stay at home and mourn everyone that gets sunburnt? Or should you get a plane ticket and fly over someplace?

Recommending Portugal isn’t bothersome because it has some beautiful landscapes for whatever occasion.

Do you want to go to beautiful beaches?

bird s eye view photography of cove

Photo by julie aagaard on Pexels.com

Do you want to go explore big hills?


Photo by Gabriel González on Flickr.com

Do you want to go see islands?

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Do you want to have fun?


Do you?

If you do, Portugal promises to have all of that. Portugal holds various festivals during the summer time.

One very well known festival worldwide is Nos Alive, probably being the sellout of the year!

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Portugal has many attractions, different kinds of cuisine and much more to enjoy!